On Thursday 23rd of June UK citizens will vote on a referendum known as “BREXIT” to decide whether they should stay in the European Union. We are being informed by all our brokers and partners that trading conditions and the trading space is expected to suffer considerable changes as the BREXITA date approaches and even some days after the event. We are also observing increased volatility in the markets, namely on currencies trading when GBP is involved.

Margin requirements, for trading on margin, in which our products rely, will be increased, increasing also the risk of insufficient capital in our and our client’s accounts if certain drastic developments come out of the referendum.

We plan to reduce our trade sizing to face these extraordinary circumstances in order to navigate safely during this period.

The timeline for reduced trading is expected to go from the 16th of June until 23rd of June. We will inform our clients here of any possible change to this plan.

Stay safe with your trading!