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A Medium Term Strategy In the Foreign Exchange Market (FOREX), Focused on OCEANIA Crosses Aimed at Diversifying Your Portfolio



TOTAL RETURN since inception
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(Past results are no guarantee of future expectations)

Check MAORI’s current stats clicking the graph below:

MAORI is a portfolio of proven long-term individual technical strategies operating daily in the foreign exchange market. The portfolio trades only FOREX instruments including at least one of the two Oceania currencies: Australian Dollar (AUD) or New Zealand Dollar (NZD).

Apart from return for return’s own sake, the aim of the portfolio is to provide our customers with a good diversification tool, since there are not so many services in the market focusing in NZD and AUD only. By including MAORI as a part of a larger portfolio based in other financial instruments, traders benefit from a diversification factor, as movements in these instruments are prone to have a higher degree of independence to existing portfolios, when compared with other popular instruments such as EURUSD, GBPUSD, GBPJPY or USDCHF for instance, as well as other asset classes like stocks.

Given the extra capacity to profit longer from market movements, our expectation is that this strategy proves to be more immune to some brokerage or market variability factors (such as spread, slippage, etc) and more robust to behave well in a signal copying environment.

The return long-term target of the strategy is to maintain a Return over Drawdown (Ret/DD) at or above 0.75 per year since portfolio inception (See note below*).

Within the above objective, ideally the Master portfolio should exhibit a long-term monthly return between 1% and 2% for a maximum historic Drawdown (DD) of 20%. Risk management is paramount in this portfolio, thus it’s the intention of the investment management team to leave the real maximum DD quite away from that limit (portfolio is actually managed to place recurring DDs in the range from 10% to 15%).

As our service allows traders to strictly follow, inflate or deflate the base risk settings of our Master Account, it’s of little sense to focus only on monthly returns or DDs. Traders can follow our risk settings and replicate our own individual Return and Drawdown or oppositely inflate or deflate our Returns and the respective Drawdowns. That’s why we focus mainly on Ret/DD rather than Returns and Drawdowns independently.

*) To the least informed trader, a Ret/DD of, for example, 2 means that if the maximum historical Drawdown (maximum accumulated loss measured from the peak) in any given portfolio is 1,000 USD, then the accumulated profit or “Return” should be two-fold that, or 2,000 USD. A Return over Drawdown (Ret/DD) of 0.75 per year since portfolio inception, means that after 2 years Ret/DD should be 1.5 or to cover the maximum historic DD by 150%.

Please consider your own risk assessment before engaging in any of Odysseia Capital’s products.
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Despite all the risk control measures put into place by Odysseia Capital, the transactions with financial instruments made available by the usage of our technology (as well as the other associated risks when the complete investing structure is considered) may, in certain conditions, result in loss of funds. Therefore, any prospective client should only consider to subscribe a service plan after an exhaustive assessment has been made to determine if and whether his/her financial situation is appropriate for such transactions and associated risks. Odysseia Capital is not an investment advising or wealth management service, therefore is the responsibility of each customer to perform his/her own due diligence and to determine if the kind of financial instruments made available by our technology and the associated risks are compatible with his/her risk profile, financial objectives and risk tolerance.




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About Us





Our motto:

At Odysseia Capital we believe customer success is the only way for long lasting relationships and ultimately the basis for our own business model sustainability.

Our mission is to provide retail customers with an easy, friendly and profitable access to our proprietary trading strategies, aiming superior to returns and help our customers achieving their financial objectives.

Our vision is to become the most loved, respected and reliable trading signals supplier in the markets we operate. We work to be the most customer friendly and loved company in the trading signal space.

In a market place frequently known as the “wild west” of investing we know we have to strive and work hard every day to be true to our vision, so right below find the basics of what you can expect from us.


Your success is our success

We take our trading very seriously. Your results will be our results as we also have our accounts fully funded and will benefit or loss from our own trading strategies in the same way as you do.



No conflict of interest

Our business model is not designed around any conflict of interest like affiliation or IB (“Introducing Broker”) programs. Any IB affiliations that we might have at each moment are first and foremost a way to offer discounted subscription fees to our customer base. Nothing in the portfolios management is linked with any affiliation program. We stand by our risk settings and all customers will enjoy exactly the same trading signal, regardless of the type of plan they subscribed . This is way the unique incentive we have is to constantly work hard to try to be the best trading signals company in the world.



Always by your side

We aim to be always here for you and we will be very glad to hear from you and to assist you in any question, doubt or problem you might be experiencing. Please contact us here.



First things first

We try to have our customer‘s interests always present in all we do, every day.


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  Our profile and trading style:

Odysseia Capital was created with the clear aim to be a beacon of integrity in the trading signals market space. The financial markets, and specifically the foreign exchange market (Forex) can be extremely profitable for all the participating agents, whether retail investors or firms offering a variety services. However, because there are so many possibilities and ways of money to be made, this activity it attracts all kinds of offerings, many playing a “fast money” game, not always with long term customer’s best interest in mind.

With more than 15 years of experience of successfully trading the financial markets, Odysseia Capital established itself with the aim to suppress this market gap and provide a safe haven where a hardworking, competent and friendly team is operating, day in day out, to delight our most important asset: Our customers.

One of the most important interpretation of Odysseia Capital positioning in trading signal space is the trading style, that we believe are decisive for the long term life span of our superior results. Find right below some breakthrough information. 



No quick bucks

The trading signals market space is packed with false promisis and of sky-rocket but short lived returns. What good is to have 20% gain one month, only to blow-up the account just one month later ?

At Odysseia Capital the strategies aim long lived consistent returns and the trade prospects are combined with tight position sizing for a responsible risk controlled trading.


We favor automatic trading

We try to have minimum manual intervention in our trading activity. This way we strip out any emotion and trading psychology out of the trading equation. The strategies we used have been assessed through backtesting and proved by live trading. We might use manual trading in very specific scenarios, normally for risk reduction in certain market conditions.


Casino trading ? Thanks, but no thanks!

Our trading is not based in martingale or grid strategies. We consider martingale and grid types of approaches a casino-type of gambling, eventually profitable only to investors with extremely deep pockets. Definitely not our flavor!

If you don’t know what is martingale/grid trading and is it so important to avoid it them when selecting a trading signal service, we welcome you at the FAQ page.



No to reckless trading

At Odysseia Capital the trades we place are part of a trade plan and result of a predefined trading setup.

Our trades have clear stop losses defined prior to the trade placement. This helps to cut losses early in the trade when the envisioned trade setup didn’t materialize, and eliminate any the chance of reckless trading by chasing emotionally unprofitable trade setups.



We monitor what we do 

Although we don’t hide our preference for automated computational trading,  we keep a tight grip over our trading performance. We monitor the behavior of the strategies we use and fine tune them whenever necessary.



No rocket science trading environment

Unlike many services which use special trading conditions or environments such like demo account to boast returns that are impossible to replicate to customers. at Odysseia Capital we work with the exact same trading accounts and environments that are available to retail investors. 

Moreover we usually setup our own live client accounts in the brokers we recommend. This allows us to emulate the expected behavior our signals have in customer´s accounts. 

Prospective customers can check these accounts to understand how will their accounts behave in comparison with our master account that generates the trading signals.



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