At Odysseia Capital we believe in an independent and informed decision by our customers when deciding for our services and therefore we strive to provide as much information and as much transparency as possible. We are constantly updating our Frequently Asked Questions section where you can find the answers to the most prevalent questions of our customers.

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Below you can find the questions we get more often from our customers. We hope they can help answer all your questions. If not, remember we’ll be more than happy to hear from you.

  • The strategies we launch are profitable over the long term at the same time risk is controlled aiming long term preservation of capital
  • We aim to be the most ethical, friendly and customer oriented service in the trading signal service
  • The price of our subscriptions are well below industry standard

We don’t aim to earn a quick buck by squeezing our customers until a strategy stops working and we move on to another venture.

It’s quite the contrary a lower subscription fee incentivizes us to aim for long term relationship with our customers, which is only possible via positive sustainable performance.

With lower subscription fees we also allow customers with lower amounts of capital to join the service and still keep profitable when their overall costs and revenues connected with our service are considered. We therefore attract more customers and everybody is happy.

That is totally up to your discretion and it will probably be dependent of the minimum amount of capital your broker allows to fund your account with. However it’s very important to stress with too small accounts some orders may not be transferred to your account due to lack of enough capital to assure corrected risk exposure.

From an economical rational perspective, as a rule of thumb (always to be scrutinized by each customer, depending on each’s individual situation and objectives) we would say that taking into account the costs of the service and the expected returns, the service makes sense for accounts with available equity above:

  • 5.000 USD if customer does not have to rent a VPS just to run this service
  • 7.500 USD if customer has to rent a VPS just to run this service

The above figures are just rules of thumb and should be assessed by each customer and assume the smallest amount subscription of equal or less than 49.99 USD/month.

No. Odysseia Capital does not provide Investment Advisory Services.

Odysseia Capital’s service is a “Fintech” service consisting in making available technology to enable our customers to follow our own or our partner’s investment strategies. To follow an investment strategy means to mimic in customer’s own brokerage account (as close as the technology allows) the trading positions we take in the market.

It is up to each customer to decide and evaluate if our investment strategies fit its risk profile and if the risks associated with our investment style are in harmony with the customer’s own investment style, objectives and risk aversion.

We do provide information about our own risk assessment but it is up to each customer to make his or her own due diligence.

Yes, the capital that you commit to this way of investing will be at risk.

To be invested in derivatives can be a very profitable activity, however that decision doesn’t come without its degree of risk. Although a core aspect of Odysseia Capital strategies is the risk control, the risk involved in trading derivatives in the Forex or Equity markets is high and should be properly assessed by each customer it it fits it’s risk profile.

Our recommendation is that no capital that the customer is not in the position to loose should be put to work in the kind of investment strategies available through our technology. Capital that is foreseen to be needed to face future financial commitments, should not in any case be applied in the kind of financial vehicles made available by our technology.

The probability that you loose all your invested funds is not zero. In extreme situations is is possible that you loose 100% of your invested funds.

Please look for more information in our risk information section to understant the nature of the risks and what can you do to minimize them, here.

Following a predefined trading strategy, trading orders are generated in our own trading server. These orders are then transferred through a secured internet connection to our customers’ brokerage accounts and the same trading orders are copied and executed in customers’ account via the installed plug-in that we supply with the initial subscription.

The objective is to achieve long-term superior results, well above industry standards, in our master account and to duplicate that performance in customers’ own accounts.

We cannot guarantee that the performance of our customer´s accounts will mimic exactly ours. This is happens not only because of the time it takes to copy each one of our market orders to our customers accounts, but also because of different trading conditions (spreads, slippage, commissions etc.) between our master account and customers’ accounts.

However, as far as we know, we are one of the few service providers (if not the only one) to have setup several slave accounts in the different brokers we recommend, in order that our existing and prospecting customers can follow and evaluate the respective different brokers performance when hosting a slave account receiving the trade orders generated in our master account. In other words, we are customers of ourselves and opened customer accounts to enable our customers to foresee or follow how should or will our strategies behave in their own accounts. Please visit the page of each one of the strategies to visit customers (our slave accounts).

In normal market and technological conditions the trade copy time should be around or even less than 1 second.

This question is relatively because the time needed that lags between the placement of the trades in our own master account and customer account can, potentially, influence the performance of customers account.

The answer to this question depends from several factors, namely:

  • Where in the world is the trading server of your selected broker located.
  • Where in the world are the customers PC or VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting the trading platform/application located.
  • Technology aspects of the customer broker when executing trades.
  • Market liquidity in the moment the trade orders are placed and copied.

In the part we can have some control, we use state of the art technology and have strategically positioned our infrastructure in geographies to answer effectively to the need of trade copy minimization. However in moments of fast moving markets the expected copy time of less than 1s may still result in some difference between the price in which our positions were opened and the prices in which the customers trades are executed. This difference, if and when exists, can work against or in benefit of the customer, depending from the direection in which the market moves, up or down, in relation to the type of order (buy or sell) during the copy time.

The best way to assess the relevance of this technicality is to visit one of our customer accounts and check by yourself if the accounts in the brokers we recommend to our customers are eventually impacted. If you are happy with the performance of our slave account in the same broker zou habe selected, this technical question might eventually lose some relevance to you.

Technologically there’s nothing to prevent you to use your account for other trading activities than Odysseia Capital’s.

However please be aware that it might be in your own interest to avoid to mix other strategies in the same account, as the risk exposure is calculated in our side taking into account only our own trading activity. If your account is exposed to other trading activity it may very well be possible that the overall account exposure and margin requirements are such that your account is subject to a margin call, meaning that the broker will close all your positions and you will loose all your capital.

Therefore we strongly advise our customers to use the brokerage account they assign to be paired with Odysseia Capital Service exclusively to Odysseia Capital’s services and maintain it with a balance of 5.000 USD minimum per each service subscribed at Odysseia Capital.

If for any instance you decide to use your account to other strategies concurring for the same available capital, as a rule of thumb we advise you to assure that at any moment a minimum of 5.000 USD of equity (not balance) is reserved for each Odysseia Capital service subscribed.

Absolutely not!

Your trading account is an exclusive relation between you and the broker you contracted with. The only impact our service has in your account is the trading activity transferred through our plug-in from out trading servers to your MT4 platform.

Funding, withdrawing or any other account funds management activity is an exclusive prerogative you have and belongs to the private sphere of the relation you have with the broker.

This is a really good question, but actually very straightforward to clarify.

If you look closer in our brokers section you´ll see an array of real money accounts in different brokers to attest the robustness of our strategy to different brokerage environments. As said, all those accounts are “real money” accounts so you’ll be able to see that the overall amount of funds we invest in our own strategy is much higher than the equity placed in our show case account.

Having said so, the most important reason for the small equity level of our showcase account is that we intent to mimic what we know to be the typical account size of our customers. As some of the positions we open are equal or small to the smallest size allowed by brokers, it only makes sense to show the profitability of small accounts where these small positions have the highest impacts. When the strategy works for a small equity (say in the range of 5.000 to 10.000 USD/EUR) it will work as well for higher equity accounts (up to a certain reasonable level of course).

Being long time traders ourselves, we are aware that the selection of the “right” broker is one of the most taunting and time consuming activities in this industry. There are literally hundreds of brokers around the world and if they all seem to offer the same services, their transparency and real-money live trading conditions and the customer focus they place in their corporate culture are not same. This may have substantial impacts in the performance of your account and even in the safety of your funds.

Therefore, because we have our customers in our minds in everything we do, we aim to differentiate ourselves and offer our customer some insights about some brokers they might consider when open their own accounts, their advantages and disadvantages.

It’s also important to underline that we don’t have any privileged relation with the brokers we mention in our broker’s page. This means that unlike most of the other services in this industry, we don’t have any affiliation contract with any of the brokers we propose in our site.

This is extremely important for the customer to be aware of, because an affiliation connection with a broker, means usually that the affiliate earns rebates in proportion of the trading activity of the accounts that joined the broker through the affiliate. This of course means the wrong incentive, because despite the fact if the customers accounts are making money or not, the affiliate is always incentivized to maximize the trading activity, the more trading, the more compensation earned by the affiliate from the broker.

At Odysseia Capital our only incentive comes exclusively from the subscriptions we are awarded from our direct customers and no other incentive stands in the way between us and our objective to achieve a long term profitable relation with our subscribers, meaning long term profits with managed controlled risk!

You can see more information about the brokers we use here.

It depends.

Our preference is to operate totally independently of any affiliation with brokers and in a rebate free environment. We see this as important to assure and tranquilize customers that there is no incentive from Odysseia Capital to increase trading volumes and earn rebates at the expense of the customers’ risk. This is why we offer, as our default option, the subscription free of any rebates and broker affiliation. In our default subscriptions the service is 100% decoupled from any rebate or affiliation scheme with brokers.

At its origin, Odysseia Capital rejected any broker affiliation because it was our objective to avoid any cast of doubt about our revenue stream, i.e. to remove the question if Odysseia Capital could be receiving funds from a backdoor and, with it, to have a financial incentive to increase trading volumes (and thus account risk) and inflate the business income through rebates. In a nutshell, despite the fact that we try to have ethics ingrained in everything we do, we wished to avoid any doubt of conflict of interest when our customers decide to deposit their faith in us, when subscribing a service.

However, some of our customers have, over time, challenged us with this view and requested us to offer our customer base two subscription possibilities:

  • Subscription without any affiliation to brokers (original subscription model);
  • Subscription offering the possibility for the customer to choose a certain or from a certain pool of brokers, through an affiliation link and in return receive a discount in the subscription fee;

We now offer the second subscription model as well. This enables our customers who wish to do open an account at certain brokers through our Introducing Broker link, to benefit from a discount in their subscription fee. By doing that we don’t change anything in our approach to the portfolio management, All customers, regardless if they subscribed using  the original subscription model or the subscription together with our Introducing Broker affiliation, are exposed and enjoy exactly the same portfolio management and risk settings, i.e. exactly the same trading signal.

At Odysseia Capital we aim for our incentive to come as much as possible from the subscriptions we are awarded from our direct customers and as as less as possible from rebates. In Odysseia Capital rebates are first and foremost a mean to provide a discounted subscription fee to the customers who wish so. With this stance we assure that no wrong incentive stands in the way between us and our objective to achieve a long term profitable relation with our subscribers, meaning long term profits with managed controlled risk!

If you have extra questions about this topic, we are happy to clear them out for you. Contact us through the chat form or any other available channel.

This is a very important question as some trading signal providers or money managers only allow the accounts to be opened in a specific broker. Often these brokers are what we would call “shady” to say the least in a sense that they are often under no regulation and offer by no means a “industry standard” operation and presence.

Our view is that when facing a service such as the ones offered by Odysseia Capital one should stay alert when the provider directs customers to one such broker.

To use our services you can use any broker you wish, provided that the broker offers the standard trading platform MT4.

Having total freedom to choose your own broker, you might however wish to take a look at the brokers we work with and how is the performance of our strategies in those brokers looking. Visit our brokerspage.

We provide a free and pretty friendly support email and chat skype service.

However, for customers totally new to this area we recommend to subscribe our PLUS plan. In this plan and for a small initial  fee, we take customers by the hand and help them in each and every step of the way up to the point of starting enjoying the profits in their own accounts.

The PLUS plan is more complete and also includes the above mentioned initial support.

Yes, you can! Absolutely !

You are the master of your trading account. MT4 platform offers the means to stop receiving the trades originated in our trading engine. Another option is to remove our plugin from your trading platform, which is a very simple process.

In such scenario please just bear in mind that if there are trades opened by our trading engine, they will stop being managed by us as soon as you turn our plugin inoperable. These trades will be become what is commonly known as “orphan trades”. In that situation, to limit risk, you might want to close manually those open trades.

There can be a couple of different reasons for accounts not to be trading, and therefore we recommend you to contact our support services: support [at] odysseiacapital . com .

In the meantime you can check the following basic points:

  1. Are you sure our master account that generate the trades is trading ? (check our master MyFxbook to check if any orders are being executed at the source).
  2. Is your Metatrader 4 platform up and running ?
  3. Is your Metatrader 4 platform connected to the internet ?
  4. Do you have our plug-in installed in your Metatrader 4 ?
  5. Can you see a smiley face in upper right corner of the chart where you’ve installed our plug in ?

if nothing from the above helps, please contact us and we’ll sort it out with you.