First of all: Happy New Year!

At this time of the year the world is full of new year´s resolutions, and at Odysseia Capital we don’t wish to bother you with too much detail about what is happening behind the scenes. However, we guess our customers and audience must surely be interested about what’s in our minds for 2017, so here it goes:

1) We plan to launch our second product, Nexus a longer term Forex strategy, aiming to capture longer legs of market movements.

2) We are forging a partnership with a world-class partner who is causing a small revolution in the forex trading world. This will contribute both to improve our performance and to broaden our offer to our customers with extra and exciting services. Stay tuned!

3) Arion finished the year with a fantastic performance of a positive 21.2%, despite the two very adverse periods in January/February and September/October. Even with all the setbacks, in 2016, the strategy captured a stunning amount of 4015 pips (!!!). We are however aware that Arion still has space to improve, and squeeze more returns from those gained pips and we will be working hard to fine tune and gear the strategy up so that even better returns can be achieved, without any extra risk or very limited added risk.

Well, we did said it would be short and painless!

We thank all our customers for their trust in us in 2016 and wish to assure them a renewed enthusiasm from all the team to make OC one of the most loved trading signals partners in the world !

PS- Following our reduced trading announcement by Christmas time, we will of course resume normal trading in the next couple of days.