Looking out for Survey Volunteers: We are now giving away a lifetime free copy of our MaoriVibes EA (NZDUSD H1) that’s being used in our real money MAORI portfolio.

Qualify and finish our survey “Decision elements before applying real money funds to trading with a Forex Expert Advisor” (doable in under 3 minutes) and receive a free copy of the MaoriVibes EA at the end.

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NZDUSD is not the easiest instrument to automate trading, and therefore MaoriVibes can provide an interesting, money-making risk diversification element in your portfolio. It has been working steadily and making money in our Maori Portfolio since January 2019.

Please find the MaoriVibes ExpertAdvisor FactSheet below.

If you have any issue with the survey or the EA, please contact us, using one of the channels at the website.

Thanks for your collaboration!
Odysseia Capital Team

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After inception in June 2016 Odysseia Capital decided to terminate the Arion Service.

The decision didn’t come light as this was our first signal with inception in June of 2015. We leave the market place with a overall return of over 42%. The decision didn’t result from a violation of the maximum DD limit imposed in our strategy, but because in the current market conditions of an extremely high central banks role around the world, causing low volatility and also in the current indefiniteness in key economies around the world the strategies in which Arion relies have a hard time to perform.

As you can know from our previous posts, we have been waiting long for a return of a normal volatility environment that could allow Arion to return to past performance. But the world is in a strange stance position and there are no signs that problems are to be disentangled soon.  So we don’t need to wait for the portfolio to surpass the maximum drawdown limit when we see that the current conditions that are prolonged for a long time now don’t bring value to Arion, and thus our customers. With our customer’s interests in mind, as always, we decide to put an end to what as a interesting and challenging journey that, at the end, still managed to provide an interesting return.

But the news are not all bad, we are now shifting our focus to more resilient strategies and are presently working in three portfolios:

a) NEXUS – a long term focused portfolio aimed to be more robust a transient conditions and provide long term survival and low risk. NEXUS can already be subscribed through our website. Visit the correspondent service page for more information.

b) MAORI: a portfolio in the works mainly focused in AUD and NZD crosses to allow diversification possibilities to your portfolio.

c) ZEPHIR: a portfolio in the works focused in a more adaptive approach to diverse market conditions with a wide range of instruments covered and thus highly diversified.

We also introduced a very innovative subscription system, in which the subscription price varies with the long term performance of the corresponding portfolio. Head to the corresponding service page to learn more about this exciting feature.

Stay tuned for more news soon!